A network of young reporters and mentors who are united through a sense of common purpose.

Our WESSA YRE community grows daily with passionate young people engaging to educate and being educated for sustainable development. Young reporters across South Africa form a community and network of peer to peer support to motivate, inspire and learn from each other. This enhances and promotes a spirit of collaborative work which enhances interpersonal and communication skills, but also illuminates individual strengths and skills that each young reporter brings to the community. The skills developed through this kind of collaborative work are very useful throughout academic journeys and will develop a skill set valued by future employers and employees. Capitilising on our diversity as a community, the WESSA YRE movement can mobilise constructive agency to conceptualise well-designed and local solutions for their issues.

Internationally, WESSA YRE forms part of a bigger community of more than 310 000 young reporters taking a stand and tell stories about their world and environment. During the YRE International Competition, young reporters from different YRE countries can collaborate to work across borders to research socio-ecological issues, critically think about well suited solutions and submit one investigative report. Check out all the YRE countries below:

Another important group of our WESSA YRE community is the mentors and experts who give their time to the programme and young reporters voluntarily. We believe that mentoring from professional photographers, investigative journalists, film makers, social and environmental lawyers, researchers and community leaders will further enhance the knowledge and skills of the young reporters; but also, to socialize and support young reporters into careers in the above-mentioned fields. As the programme grows its national footprint, we will have mentors in each region to support WESSA YRE schools across the country. Our mentors create a space for our young reporters to grow into their own skills and become their best self by, something as simple as, talking about their ideas and giving advice on how to move forward with a complex project.