WESSA YRE is not just another CSI project for you to fund, but an opportunity for you to support South African youth facilitate their own development to become active and socially responsible citizens who will positively contribute to the growth of our country. We are not asking for favours but a commitment to give our youth equal opportunities to become their best self.

Imagine a South Africa where young people can delve deeply into today’s social and environmental issues to build an understanding of the root causes of problems that prevent a just and sustainable country for all. Imagine a South Africa where young people can investigate these local issues to find well researched and contextual solutions and share these with the rest of the country – and that their voices will be heard.

We can, and we invite you to grow with us! Support us by:

Becoming a WESSA YRE Funder

Fund a WESSA YRE node of 5 – 10 high schools in an area of South Africa where you want to make a difference by developing young reporters to become tomorrow’s responsible leaders.

For WESSA YRE to support our national footprint, we need a national anchor funder to take the programme to all corners of South Africa.

Become a CSI Funder

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wessayre become a mentor

Becoming a WESSA YRE Mentor

Are you passionate about the growth and development of our South African youth and have skills in investigative journalism, writing, photography, videography, social and environmental law, research, communications and other related fields, then we want you to help us grow.

Become a Mentor

Becoming a WESSA YRE Caring Patron

Caring Patrons can support us by donating

  • Cameras you don’t use anymore
  • Old laptops
  • A WESSA YRE T-shirt for young reporters
  • Help organize a WESSA YRE workshop

We value a helping hand because we know that we can’t do it alone – get involved.

Become a Caring Patron
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